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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 18, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3 3 p,3 victims of hurricane sandyy. still waiting for money to 3 insurance companies aren't 3 and... a maa slaps a toddler on a flight.why he says he did itt.. and the conssquence he's now facing this morning. 3 3 3 3 monday,,february 18th
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3 3 &p3 3 3 3 a stuuent from severn is over the weekend.21-year old edmond st. clair wassa studeet at the university of maryland - eaatern shore campus. campus.megan gilliland is live -from ssate police headquarterss
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& in pikesvilleewith more on the -search for ssupects at this good morning guys,the stabbing took place on ampus... but pchhol officers have asked state olice here to take over the investigation. right now... they are nterviewing possible witnesses. witnesses.from the victim's brother....who was visiting for tte & peekend... nd saw the wwole phinggunfolddhe told -3 invesitgators... hey weree driving on campus saturday - night... when they camm across a group of ggys and a fight stabbed ii the chest.the victims brother ran for help... flagginn down a campus -3 poliie officer. 3 greg shipleyy 01:12:11 "an individuallran up to her caa asking her o ccmeeto elp someene had been stabbed... lying on the sideeoo the road." tyrone powers:on the side off &pthe road."tyrone powwrs: 10:40:05 "places thaa e thouuht were kind of sacred... and thht has changed drasticallyy" drastically."st. clair died a short time later.stateepolice say... they are looking forr threeeto four suupectt... ccllege age african american &pmen..t appears thhy haa some
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&pkind of ongoing disppue with the victim. so far... no arrests have beee made. 3&pthhs ii the seccnd murder is less thaa a week... involving universiiy of maryllndd why is this happening?we sat down with a &pformee f-b-i agent toofind out... that's coming up neett half hour.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 orning news.fox45 a stand off in hagerrtoww ends -&&pwith a teenager in tte & pan under arreet.police say jenerette dixon held the teen in his home or 2 and a half -3 hours on sturday.. before she 33 kniff in her chest.sse is in the hospital wwth serious injuriissdixon is charged with attemptee murder, reckless endangerment and a weapons pffenne. p3& a maintenance worker atta school gets life in prison... girll.. and filming it..t happened hhre at lake shore chhistiannacademy in pasadena.
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62- yyar- old "paul lorenz thee thhrd" was a long-time employee september.... he pled guilty to charges of sexual abusee producing child pornography and possessing it. & authorities were tipppd off when a girl toll her mother thattlorenz starttd abusing her aboot six years ago... when he liveddin a trailer on school property.. 3 double amputeeeandd track star oscar pistorius" remainn ehind baas this morring after he s arrested - for premeddtated murder.... the main suspect in the shooting death of his pgrlfriend. marianne rrfferty has more.... n the &pfuture of he oolmpian. 3&zyl says: "i can tell youuthat & ww have had overwwelming suppprt from oscarrfroo a lot of fans on a global scale,, really on a lobal ssale. sooth african fans, -3 international fans from literally all vee tte wwrld." in the south afriian city of pretoria - a small church ceremony ii held sunddy... sending prayyrs or ooympic trackksttr pscar pistorius - and his girlfrienn - modellreeva steeekamp. booyyen says: "supporting both families with prryer and encouragement and
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nott aking sidds.'' the 3 remains ii police custody after eing ffrmally charged with sseenkamp's murder. memberssof his faaily andd - legal ttam offering support -3 over the weekenddby visiting --3 him ehind bars. steenkamp was ffund shot multippe timms early friday morrinn in pistooius's home. 3 stilllin shock after hearing phe news.shabalala says: "you pcn'ttjudge him because nooe - of us know whaa exactly ppace toopass around gosssp." &p the runner's story of overcoming addvrsity gained him international fame. &phe also became the first pouble-leg amputee tt compete in the olymmics in 20-12. but after steenkamp's death and his arrest... the thhught -&pthat pistoriis mmy haae been behinn it sent ripplls 3 says: "it's a ttagic circumstances and events ttat is unfolded and we an only giveeoscar oor supporttat this -3 pistorius's gent also saii the rest of hhs races would be cancelld for the &premminder of thh year... and the ffte of sponsor deals reeaiin up in the air.
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& if convicted, pistorius aces -3 up tt 25 years in prison. in new yook, marianne rafferty, fox news. -3 3 p an australlan magazine has released eww photos of tth regnant duuhess of cambrrdge in aabikini. 3 "woman's day" has ignooed objections from the royal ffmily and publishhd the &punauthorized pictures. & they shoo prince william and his iff catherine oo beach & onnthe caribbean island. -3& p55-thousand-dollars to publish the images. but residents in auutralia say they have mixed feelings about what'' been done. -3 3& "it'ssjusstinvasive nd thee've got people ppying spy on these peoole when they their privvcy on the beach.'' 3 like they'rr having a good timee i mean, if she was reelly worried about it she wouldn't be prancinggaround in &pa bikini anyway, right?'' media as efrained ffom publishing the pictures while -3 they continue to fight stricter regulations on tte a huge crowd packs saant ppeee's square for one of thh
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3 serrices.popp benedict the sixxeenth dellveeed his pecond-to-last aagelus blessing yesterday..he vvtican estimated the crowd at more than 50-thousand people... but policeeput it at double that - number. his speech didn't direetly meetion his decisiin to resign... but asked loyal pilggims to prry for him - and & the next pope. 3 laisa says: "maybe he as health problems, but therees also problems inssde thh church. many things havv happened that weere not awaree áheá shoulddffce." ffce."the pope's wiil step traditionally... vatican - 15 to 20 days fttr the papacy is vacant to vote ffr the new vatican have hinted that ay start a new pope 3 p - san franciscoo49er fans are still paying up on ome lost pets. this time at the inner harbor. 3 thanks to the ravens super bowl win, a group of & will be ccecking out ripley''
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3 this mooring. joel d smmth is live there now to pell us who'' ffoting the &pbill,,and whicc attractionn pould be the ost popular. good mooning joel d. 3 3
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3 &p3 a city rec center scheduled to permanently clooe....reopens instead. &pinstead.the furley ecreation center was scheduled to shut down last summer .... as part & thh mayor's plans to closee
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& cenners wiit liitll staffing. bbt thh foundees of the youth sports program stepped up tt thh plate.....nd will now pperate this north east ec center. (38:27)soccer basketball mentoring......before after school programs.... programs.... 3 the city closed nearly tee rec &pcentees last ummer... bbt ppromisss tt spend 199million dolllrs over the next few 3 four state of the aat facilities. &p3 the b-more the bbmore ealthyy & expo rettrns to balttmore... 23rddyou can get health screenings... see 3 stagessof - álivvá entertainment... a fit and fun kiisszzoe... and muuh -33 much moor.the b--ore healthh expo starts at 10 a-m at the --3 baltiiore convention center. we'll see yoo there! 3 coming p on the early -3 editionn.. making a 3áharderr.the good cause that basketballs... while runningg
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3 p a florida man not only finished a 26-mile marathon ... he did it while drrbblinggtwo baskeeballs. darren weissman ... known aa "dootor dribbll" finished the race n about four and aa & half hours. the personal trainer aad & mmtivational speakerr says he was ruuning to raiseemoney to help foster kids. 3thh guinnesss ook of world recorrs monitored the race to while dribbling to paskktballs. doctor & dribble says after the race he -3
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3 ((2-shot toss to weathhr)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist))
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p ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map greenspriig 40 map 3 3 3 sttll to come... thousands of families... fighhing their
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companies.the ssvings many have been forccd to dip super storm sandy, 3 mccain says: "leaks don'' happen in washinnton by accideen." proposal... for immigration &preforrmthe harsh criticiim it's already begun to receive. 3 ((break 2))
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3 a leaked iimmgration proposal --3&pffom the white house is drrwiig sharp criticiss from repubbicans. the obama administration is ccrculating &pa draft bill... ttat would give illegal immigrants a chanceeto becomm permanent -3 residents in juut a few shortt yearr.doug luzader - has moree more. -3 3 the president has a new immiiration plan -- - plenty of repubbiian eyebrows here on capitol hill, even f some of the details are a little sketchy. & according to a draft that waa llaked to uua today, the --3& residenttwants to create a -3&pspecial new visa speccfically for illegal iimmgrants that 33 pte country while thhy wait -3&pfor permaaent llgallstatus. even those withh riminal &ppecords would bb welcome o loog assthey haven't been -3 ponvicted of three ccimes or speen more than a yeaa ii prrson. ii aapears to be a longg ay from the bipartisan plan that's slowly taking -33 shape here on capitol hill. mccaii ays: "leaas on't 3 accidenn. this raises the pueetion that many of us continue to wonder abbut, does thh president really want a -3&result or doosshh want another cudggl to beat up on
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& republicans so h that can get political advantage in the next electton?" the white housee thhugh, says that theepresidenn is simply followinggthrouuh onnhis promise to hhve a plaa f his & pwn reaay to go if coogress fails to act.mcdonoogh says: "we are doong exxctly what e said ww wwuld do, whhch is we will e prepared ii the event -3 thatttheebipartisan tallss going on thh hill, which by & the way we are aggressively sticking pointtfor any republiiann, hougg, will come down to border sscurity. the bipartissn plan that's coming ogether here is & expected to require hat the borders be secure before there is finaa pathway to citizenssip.((on-cam tag)) so far, based on what we've seen repprted on the pressdent's plan, that trrgger mechanism doesn't appeaa to be part offtheewhite house bill. in washington, dduu &pluuader, fox newss p3 sstaight aaeadd.. ssill cleaaing up... ámoothsá after sandy."i had to ruu to a bank - two fridays ago ann beg hemm to giveeme a loan." -33 loan."the financiaa roadblocks many fammlies are running
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companies. ((break 3))
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3 &p 33 victims of superstorm sandy pay they are beggingg he anks 3 while they wait, some are forced tt uue theer life savings to comppete eeaiis. 3 dealing with this....- this... & 3 begging ffr money ii not something catherinee all ever thought she would have to do. i hhd tt run to a bank two & fridays ago nn beg them to give me a loan just so i can 3 is ffniihedddoing this segment of tte wook we have to stop because we have no mmre mooey. nearly four months since super storm sandy destroyed her home in island ark, new york -- hall -- who s originally from - her mortgage banker almost -&pevery day. she'ssbegging them to release inssrance mmney --- so she and her famiiy can -3 rebuill and goohome.we have a 4 year litttl old boy who um
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money weeput by sinnc his birthhtowards being able to send him to college later in life is what e spent. its gone. all, her usband bob anddtheer four year old son nathan haveebeen living in a hotel ince november. this 3 ssows the damaggethat hitther hhme and neighborhood. the halls are among more than 60000 families still waiting for insurrnce yorkks ggvernor blamed unnecessary red-tape nddaccused banks of &pfaiiing to release more than 200 million ollars worthhof innurance. thh problem is some lenders rrquire proof the repair hassbeen made, before they will reimmurse for the cost of that repair. there's a & lot of older ppople here that, any monee..and they're bbing told hata youuknow, do 30 percent of hh work and then &pthe oney. do 50 percent of the work, yyu'll get 50 percent of the moneethey reason they do that i ttink is thht hey are scareddyou will get check and leavee&and leave them with a propprty
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3&pbuu e have invvsted a lot of money in the house and this ii our home...baaks contacted by cnn including ells fargoo jp &pdistributed more than 75% of insurance money. tte hall's portgage lender, who they 33respoodd you know we came here to live the ameeican dream and now we are living the american niihtmare because they are holling our money anddwe cant get anddits not ffir its not faar on anyoneeand everybody is in the same posiiion every -3 body like i said to ou a&.i who has hhd a dime!!!!! and &pthe waiting and uncertainty s taking a toll -- as &pdevastating as the storm itsslf 3&pcoming up....reports f -& toddler... assaulted oo n airplane. &pairplane.the extreme actton one man allegedly took... whenn the child started crying.
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33 -33
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tte debate over he health beneeits oo alcohol.ssme - distubring newwinforration on foo 45 news at five.3 3


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